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Why Speechwell?
Norbert Netten - Founder Speechwell
Our current presentation climate is dominated by pitch and debate. But colleagues, management and customers are not motivated by information and arguments only ...
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I'm impressed by Speechwell. Its an entirely new way of presenting, through which you really get others to go along with you.
Marc Hendrikse, CEO NTS-GROUP
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11 december, 2017, 10:26 by Speechwell ®



We are in a hall in Nieuwegein in The Netherlands. There are about eight hundred people in the room. Ricardo Semler gives a so-called Large Room Presentation. That is essentially a monologue, often with room for questions afterwards. With a monologue the purpose usualy is about how to inform or inspire your audience? How does Ricardo Semler do this? How does he create the connection? We discuss his presentation on the basis of the four levels of presentation.

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11 december, 2017, 10:27 by Speechwell ®

I am extremely nervous when giving a presentation. I'm afraid I will not be able to speak, that I will blush or say something stupid. Luckily I do not often have to give presentations at work, but sometimes I am invited to speak at a symposium or sit in a jury. Sometimes I go, but completely numbed by tranquilizers, but usually I cancel. I decide it's time to do something about it.

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Upcoming events
Sept 19, 2018

 Speechwell logo  ‘I want to learn how I can keep my stakeholders and converstaional partners connected all the way up to the end of my presentation.’


The Masterclass Inside Out is one of the most complete, innovative and inspiring one-day programmes in the field of presenting that’s available anywhere in the world. Enjoy sharing the broad and profound knowledge of trainer, organzational coach and presenter Norbert Netten. In four individual blocks, Norbert will take you on a journey of discovery through the four levels of presenting: the practical, personal, psychological and spiritual (passion) level. Each topic is introduced separately with a brief theory session, followed by inspiring demos and interaction. 


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Block I: Oct 9, 10, 2018, Block II: Oct 30,31, 2018

 Speechwell logo  ‘I have more capacities and more power in me than my colleguas and customers perceive. Frustrating at times, especially when it decreases their willingness to accept what I have to offer.'


The Senior Professional Training is an international, outstanding and particularly effective programme which is configured entirely to the learning aims of the participants.In this 2 x 2-day programme you will develop a powerful basic approach and persona. You’ll gain an enormous amount of tips and insights that will allow you to make your future presentations more powerful and more professional so you can reach your audience much better. 


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