Stronger together!

Presenting as a form of cooperation!


Speechwell has developed an e-learning method that will teach professionals and students how they can present in an interactive and dialogue-enhancing way. Speechwell is both a supplement and counter-balance on the current dominant pitch and debate culture of presenting in which success is determined mainly by verbal power and image. Professionals need each other to achieve results. At Speechwell presenting encourages cooperation, the ability to join forces and to ensure that results are achieved in collaboration with others. That requires a different mindset, a different attitude and other competencies, and therefore a different way of presenting yourself.



Presenting in organisations: 




Monologue: 1% (including pitch)


Interactive: 4%

Dialogue: 95%


Tutors and trainers


Speechwell invites tutors and trainers to use the online e-learning method in their lessons, courses and professional training programmes. The e-learning programme is both highly professional and user friendly. Any tutor or trainer that uses Speechwell in addition to their ‘live’ programme is completely free to decide for themselves how Speechwell fits in. The investment is low.


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Professional trainers


Apart from e-learning, Speechwell also offers a platform for professional trainers who want to combine forces. We offer:


• a platform on which you can promote yourself and your training programmes
• a professional and dynamic (international) network and
• the ability to get a return on your investment.


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