The videos

User Experience


The majority of people prepare their presentation at quiet moments – when they can concentrate properly – for example in the office at the end of a busy day or at home after their evening meal and the children have gone to bed. That has been a decisive factor for the ‘character’ of the videos. After all, these are specifically the times when you don’t need a smooth sales pitch, an entertainer who tries to extract energy and passion from you or quickly changing, slick, high speed and noisy video clips.

It’s at those moments that you want a peaceful and enjoyable way of working on a good presentation and that’s exactly what Speechwell gives you.

Natural style


Speechwell represents a natural, original style of presenting (see core values), versus perfect, slick video clips. Speechwell is of high quality, but it is not perfect. That’s a choice. Perfection, trying to convince others by doing your best not to make any mistakes, is often at the expense of originality, spontaneity and relaxation and these are important aspects when presenting. Many people become stressed by their efforts to achieve perfection. A number of the Speechwell videos contain slips of the tongue, which we have left in on purpose. We believe that for the majority of presentations a natural personality, sincerity and subject expertise are much more important than perfection.