The method



The majority of business presentations are about building and maintaining relationships. That is the reason why audiences want to experience a presenter 'live' rather than having to put up with just being sent a brochure or memo. Trust is an important value in the exchange between presenter and audience – trust that you will look after interests honestly, that you will do what you say you will do, that you really are the expert you say you are and that you will discuss everything that is important, in short: that you can be trusted!


That makes presenting more than just a 'technical' skill. For that reason, Speechwell links the field of the speechwriter with the personal side of presenting, with insights from behavioural science and psychology and with important insights from teamwork and cooperation. Speechwell covers all of the important aspects about how you can create and deliver a dalogue-enhancing presentation that contributes to meetings where the opbjective is to join forces to find the best way to move ahead. It also contains a great deal of know-how that you can use to come across well to your audience and to reinforce your authenticity and trust. Speechwell also teaches you how to create a good match with your audience for every presentation – time after time. 


The four methods that underpin Speechwell are:


-        Transactional Analysis (TA);

-        Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP);

-        The Human Element;

-        Harvard negotiation.


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