Before you start

Speechwell is an online step-by-step guide for creating and delivering powerful, interactive and dialogue-enhancing presentations.





Speechwell is your professional speechwriter, moderator and presentation coach in one. It guides you through the process of creating a good presentation, but it doesn’t do the job for you. You yourself create the presentation. The difference is that you will have 24/7 professional support at each and every step of the way, wherever you are and whenever you work on the preparation of your presentation.


First Speechwell, then PowerPoint (or Prezi, Keynote or ...)



You don’t use Speechwell to produce slides or a handout. You use PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote or Word for this purpose, just like you’re used to. However, don’t open PowerPoint or Prezi just yet. You start with Speechwell.



How does Speechwell work


  • SIGN UP.
  • Buy credits. You need them to watch videos.
  • On the homepage select the type of presentation your want to prepare.
  • Click on the 'START' button and watch the introduction video. Once the introduction video has stopped, you will automatically enter the step-by-step guide. Start with Step 1.1, continue with Step 1.2 and so on. Once you have reached Step 6 you will have created a powerful, interactive and dialogue-enhancing presentation.


Want to discover how Speechwell works? Watch the demo:





For detailed information go to the User manual or FAQ.